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We've packed the Facility Profile with a ton of features that allow you to tell your story, find your audience and connect them to your business and services. Whether it is finding players, filling tunnels, hiring coaches or recruiting for your teams, we got you.

  • target real
    baseball clients
    Stop guessing
  • sell products &
    Post links to your site
  • post jobs &
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    Search for talent
  • create unlimited
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here is what you get

Unlimited vids and connections. No annoying limits like other communities (you know who you are). Highlight your coaches, facility and teams to build your business. Connect with parents and players. And for a few extra bucks, our own in-house agency will create an ad set for you, also sized for social. We have packages for every budget starting at $199.


Why send your players to expensive showcases who don't know them and haven't trained them. Create unlimited measurement events for your players or any players in your area for a fraction of the showcase cost and keep half the money for yourself. The process is easy - we'll show you how. TIRED OF SHOWCASES CONTROLLING WHAT EVERYONE SEES ABOUT YOU?


How did that last Craigslist post go? While Indeed might be good to find active candidates, YB lets you create a network of great passive candidates. Build relationships post on our job board and send applications to great candidates.


Facebook & Google claim they can find you a baseball audience, but we call BS. Just because you're interested in Litttle League doesn't mean you are a coach. Everyone on our platform is in the game.


Unlike LinkedIn, we got built-in features that will allow you to customize direct links to your website or a pay site and do business DAY ONE!

YB design studio

Our in-house team of graphic designers and copywriters work with facilities and are experts in creating eye-catching and engaging assets to make your business stand out.

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still not convinced

Sorry, can't help you - we got nothin' left! BUT, we can offer you a free trial period of two weeks, and yes you have to give us your credit card to get that started. We are a low hassle group, so cancel anytime - no harm, no foul.


Finally, a profile that works as hard as you do! Pick the plan that works for you and gear up your profile. We have a ton of great features to help you find your community, players, coaches, and equipment. Ask questions, share your facility details and hop on the community forums to make your voice heard.

Monthly Membership

$19.99 /month

Going month-to-month gets you:

  • Crank up your Facility Profile with full description of services, tech, amenities and coaches
  • Upload your pics & vids - show the community your coaches & capabilities - up to 10 videos
  • UNLIMITED community connections & up to 25 DM's per month
  • One home for all your Links - Social Media, Articles, Showcase Profiles, Rapsodo, HitTrax, etc
  • Post your services with direct links to your website, phone number, e-mail, and bookings
  • Cruise our fully searchable Player Leaderboards by position, level, geo
  • Create your Personalized Newsfeed, follow the baseball and training topics important to you, and see what's new with our sponsors
  • Access to Community Forums - create & reply to baseball threads in your home state or nationally
  • Post/Find a Job on YakkerJobs

Yearly Membership

$199 /year

Take your team's profile to the max & save some coin. Get everything in the monthly membership PLUS:

  • Get Featured 4x yearly in every player's feed in your home state to promote your offerings
  • Advertise services directly on Player Profile feeds, DM's, and Community Boards
  • UNLIMITED Facility Profile with your critical information, services and capabilities
  • UNLIMITED Videos and Pics
  • UNLIMITED Community Connections
  • One home for all your Links - Social Media, Lesson Packages, Showcase Info, Training Signups


Let's sweeten the pot! Bundle unlimited Team Profiles with your Facility Membership and we'll throw in a professionally produced set of marketing graphics you can post on YakkerBall and your social media feeds. For free. Seriously.

$399 facility & Team membership

bundle me up!