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  • Aaron Judge ties Babe Ruth's mark with his 60th home run of the season

    September 2nd, 2022

    Aaron Judge is chasing American League history. With his 60th homerun of the season he is now one shy of tying Roger Maris' American League leading single season record for home runs. Check out the Fox News article and see what Judge says about being mentioned with the Yankee greats.

  • Can you teach Spin Rates?

    September 2nd, 2022

    Baseball today relies so very heavily on analytics. For pitchers back in the day it may have just been about how hard they can throw. Today, its not only about pitch speed but pitch movement. With technology advancing to the point of devices such as Trackman and Rapsodo, we are now capable of showing how much spin a pitcher puts on pitch. This spin ultimately determines movement and movement results in swing and misses from the batter. Has your spin rate ever been evaluated? Contact us to find a facility that can measure your spin rates and build a program to make them as efficient as possible. Here's an article from Armory Pitching about Training Spin Rates.

  • What Do All These Metrics Mean?

    September 2nd, 2022

    Are you confused or intrigued by some of the metrics being used in today's game? Baseball Savant gives a great explanation of the Statcast Glossary on the link below. Find not only the meaning behind each metric but also how individual players stack up in each category.

  • Oneil Cruz Records the Hardest Hit Ball in MLB - 122.4 mph!!!

    September 2nd, 2022

    The 6'6" Shortstop for the Pittsburgh Pirates recorded the hardest hit ball in MLB this past Wednesday against the Braves. The struck ball broke the previous record from Giancarlo Stanton of 122.2 mph. Cruz has been of a Statcast freak this season. In July he made a throw across the diamond at 97.8mph which was also the hardest thrown ball by an infielder in history. Oneil Cruz is also named after former Yankees outfielder Paul O'Neill. On his visit to Yankee Stadium this week he got to FaceTime with Paul O'Neill and received a Paul O'Neill jersey that Paul plans on signing for him in the future. Cruz plans on returning that favor with one of his own signed jerseys. See the article from ABC News below on Cruz's record breaking hot smash.

  • Walk-Off For Cancer

    September 22nd, 2022

    Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation December 3, 2022 Pine Trails Park, Parkland, FL 5K Walk Begins at 9am Registration Opens at 7:30am For more information, to join, or to donate click link.